Services and Price List

This Revised list is valied for April 2019 (World health day/week)

Consultation fee

BDT 1000

Ultrasonic scaling

BDT 3000


BDT 2000

Tooth whitening

BDT 4000


BDT 3000

Dental implant

BDT 38000

Amalgam filling

BDT 2000

Light cure filling

BDT 3000

Build-up filling after RCT

Glass ionomer filling for tooth margin abrasion/ attrition/ erosion 

BDT 2500

Extraction- milk tooth

BDT 500

Extraction- permanent tooth

BDT 2000

Extraction-wisdom /complicated tooth

Upper jaw BDT 4000

Lower jaw BDT 8,000

Temporary repair of denture

BDT 3000

Artificial tooth

BDT 2000/4000

Root Canal Therapy

BDT 4000

Pulp capping

BDT 4000

Apicectomy under LA

BDT 7000

Metallic cap/ crown

BDT 6000

Curettage- PD pocket/pericoronal

BDT 1000


BDT 3000

Abscess drainage

BDT 1000-3000

   Charges for major operations such as maxillofacial tumour and cancer, facial bone fracture, orthognathic surgery for facial deformity, cleft lip palate, orthodontic treatment, etc will be determined according to condition.